Costs and reimbursements of treatment abroad

The starting point for treatment abroad is that the client is responsible for the health care costs. EU legislation and international conventions on social security signed by Finland may alter this situation and relieve you from your liability to pay all of the costs of treatment. You will pay the same client fee as the […]

Treatment costs in public health care

If you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland, public health care may, under some circumstances, collect your treatment costs from Kela, but you are ultimately in charge of your own treatment costs. However, non-residents may not be charged for vaccinations included in the national vaccination programme provided for in the Communicable Diseases […]

Client fees within public healthcare

The client must receive an invoice for the client fee and a specific decision concerning the client fee. The invoice or decision must be accompanied by appeal instructions. Prepare your appeal concerning a public health care client fee within 30 days of having received the decision. If necessary, the patient ombudsman can help you prepare […]