Take the effects of the coronavirus pandemic into consideration

1. Avoid travel abroad

Due to the unusual situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has announced that recreational travel abroad is not recommended.

2. How to receive treatment if you fall ill abroad?

In EU and EEA countries and Switzerland, treatment provided due to the coronavirus should be given to holders of a European Health Insurance Card, as prescribed by law. In the Australian public healthcare system, you can obtain treatment by presenting your Kela card and your passport. If you become ill as a tourist in a country applying WHO International Health Regulations (PDF), you should receive treatment for the coronavirus infection free of charge.

3. How to receive treatment if you fall ill in Finland? NOTE! The policy on free-of-charge treatment has changed starting on 11 May.

In Finland, treatment for the coronavirus infection is free of charge for tourists and persons with a municipality of residence or a right to a certificate of entitlement to treatment. Other persons must pay all costs incurred by the treatment of corona virus disease by themselves.

4. Follow the notices from the authorities

THL: Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates
(Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)
Kela: Update on the corona situation (information also about international situations)

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