Rajis’s Advent Calendar has arrived!


December is knocking on the door, and soon it is time to open the first door of the advent calendar. The Advent Calendar is part of the Christmas season at Rajis, too. This year, elves at Rajis decided to forget about stress and focus on restful Christmas celebrations. Even amid the Christmas rush, the elves have their ways to relax: one settles down on a sofa with a good book, and another climbs on a fell to admire the Northern Lights while the third enjoys long and noisy dinners with fellow elves.

Behind the doors of our Advent Calendar, you will find 24 tips on how to spend a restful Christmas season in the style of various countries. Put on your woollen socks, sit back, check out our Advent Calendar and welcome Christmas with open arms! You can follow our Advent Calendar on Facebook and Twitter starting from the first day of December.

If you are planning to spend the Christmas season abroad, you can use our website to plan your trip without worries. Our country-specific sites contain information on health care services in more than 50 countries in case you fall ill during your trip, for example. For those travelling in Europe, we compiled a checklist on health-related questions to help you with travel preparations.

The elves at Rajis wish you a happy Christmas season!