homepage has a new look


Topical matters and the key content of the website take up most of the new homepage of the site, which was launched in March. The aim of the revamped homepage is to help readers to find the most popular and topical information from the diverse content of the website.

Topical content now easier to find

New to the top of the homepage are three illustrated lists of links, which present a topical selection of items from the website content and which direct readers to more detailed information on the site.

On the homepage, you can also follow topical news concerning the use of health services and cross-border healthcare (What’s new, and Communications from the Contact Point) and news by our partners (Related news).

Search or navigate

You can use the website’s powerful search function to find information. Through the navigation features at the top of the page you can get to know the website content in full. The website is divided into six sections, the pages of which you can view by clicking either on the section heading (e.g. Choose your place of treatment) or on the plus sign (+) next to the heading.

Give feedback

If, however, you are unable to find the information you need or you have ideas for improving the content of the website, we are happy to receive your feedback and suggestions. You can send feedback about the site or ask more about cross-border healthcare through the feedback form on our website.