Private healthcare

Numerous private companies, organisations and foundations providing healthcare services operate in Finland. Healthcare professionals, too, can provide services as independent practitioners.

Private service providers can sell services directly to clients as well as to municipalities and joint municipal authorities. Private operators provide both primary healthcare and specialised medical care services.

  • When you use private health services, you pay the costs of treatment yourself. Private service providers can set the prices for their services freely.
  • You can be reimbursed for healthcare costs if you live in Finland or are covered under the Finnish health insurance scheme. Kela reimburses costs on the basis of the Health Insurance Act.
  • Private insurance policies, too, can reimburse the costs of private healthcare to clients.

Provision of private health services is subject to licence

Private healthcare companies must apply for a licence for their operations from a Regional State Administrative Agency or the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). If a company operates in only one Regional State Administrative Agency, the licence is granted by that Agency. If a company operates in more than one Regional State Administrative Agency, the licence is granted by Valvira.

A licence not needed when a healthcare professional provides services as an independent practitioner. If the case of a licensed healthcare professional, he or she must have a licence granted by Valvira to practice.

Contact information of service providers

The FinlandCare programme on the website of the same name provides information about private healthcare services.