Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals in Finland are divided into licensed professionals and professionals with a protected occupational title. Licensing means that an individual has completed a specific training programme laid down in the relevant legislation and decrees and he or she has been authorised to work in the profession in question and to use the protected occupational title in question. The licence is granted by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

Licensed healthcare professionals

Information on all licensed healthcare professionals is entered in JulkiTerhikki, the registered database maintained by Valvira. The register is public and open to everyone. You can check the professional qualifications of the person who treated you. The register contains information on the individual´s registration number and professional practise rights.

In Finland, the following professions are subject to licensing:

  • doctor
  • dentist
  • pharmacist
  • psychologist
  • speech therapist
  • dietician
  • dispenser
  • nurse
  • midwife
  • public health nurse
  • physiotherapist
  • medical laboratory technologist
  • radiographer
  • dental hygienist
  • occupational therapist
  • optician
  • dental technician.

Healthcare professionals with protected occupational titles

The professions with protected occupational titles may also be practised by those who otherwise possess the requisite training, experience and competence. A healthcare professional with a protected occupational title does not necessarily require authorisation by Valvira to use a protected occupational title. Information on persons using a protected occupational title are entered in JulkiTerhikki.

The following healthcare professions have protected occupational titles:

  • orthopaedic technician
  • podiatrist
  • trained masseur
  • chiropractor
  • naprapath
  • osteopath
  • practical nurse for social and health care
  • psychotherapist
  • hospital physicist
  • hospital geneticist
  • hospital chemist
  • hospital microbiologist
  • hospital cell biologist.

Starting with 1 January 2016, authorities must inform their counterparts in other EU countries if a health professional’s qualification to practise their profession is restricted or denied.