Assistance and support offered by organisations

There are numbers organisations in Finland that provide social and health services for various patient and client groups. The services supplement public healthcare, and their aim can be, for example, to promote public health or support patients in coping with their disease or illness. Peer support and expertise by experience are crucial to the activities provided by organisations.

The aim of third sector services can be, for example, to promote public health or support patients in coping with their disease or illness. The activities of the third sector are not profit driven and are frequently based on voluntary work.

The umbrella organisation for social and health sector non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Finland is SOSTE. Information about social welfare and health sector NGOs has been compiled on the website of SOSTE.

Third sector provides health services for undocumented persons

The third sector provides social and health services for persons without documentation and for others in a vulnerable position. This means, for example, individuals who are entitled only to emergency treatment under the Health Care Act and who are not entitled under other legislation to obtain treatment in Finland.

The Global Clinic, which operates in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Joensuu, provides treatment for undocumented persons. Doctors and medical personnel work at the clinics on a voluntary basis. Treatment is free of charge. All staff members have pledged full professional confidentiality, and clients are never reported, for example, to the police. The address of the clinic is secret and patients are only told its location when they contact the clinic.

Contact information of Global Clinic

Tel. 044 977 4547
Email globalclinic.finland(at)

Tel. 046 625 1412


Tel. 046 5900 186

Pro-tukipiste provides low-threshold social and health services to sex workers in Helsinki and Tampere. The services can be accessed by telephone (09 2512 730) or email (toimisto(at)

The Finnish Refugee Advice Centre provides legal counselling for asylum seekers, refugees and other immigrants in Finland.

Social enterprises

Social enterprises can be owned either partly or fully by organisations. The aim of their business activities is to further socially beneficial objectives, and the profits are used primarily to further these goals, such as work with children, the disabled or young people. The business activities increase social wellbeing and sustainability.

More information about social enterprises is available on the websites of Arvoliitto and Reilu Palvelu ry in Finnish.