Questions concerning the Åland Islands

  1. Who decides on granting prior authorisation if a patient living in Åland applies for permission for treatment in another EU or EEC country of Switzerland?

Since the beginning of 2014, the decisions on patients’ prior authorisation applications have been issued by Kela. Advance authorisation can be applied for from Kela with the form SV 129. Kela requests a binding statement for the application from the local hospital district Ålands hälso- och sjukvård, which is responsible for patient. If the prior authorisation application is lodged with ÅHS, it will deliver the application to Kela with its statement.

  1. If a patient seeks treatment in the hospital district of Åland based on the Patient Directive but the necessary treatment is not available there, can the hospital district refuse the patient?

ÅHS is not obliged to accept a patient for treatment if the necessary treatment is not available in Åland.

  1. When and in what situations must the hospital district of Åland report what corresponding treatment would cost if it produced the treatment itself?

Kela will request information on treatment costs from ÅHS if a person residing and applying for reimbursement in Åland has suddenly fallen ill in another EU or EEA country or Switzerland and has covered the treatment costs him/herself. The information is required as Kela compensates costs based on what the corresponding treatment organised by ÅHS would have cost.

  1. If a patient being treated under the Patient Directive suffers a treatment injury in Åland and needs to be referred for further treatment, will the patient be sent to Finland or Sweden for treatment? Who is responsible for the treatment costs in this case?

The patient must primarily be sent to Finland to the nearest public health care operating unit where the treatment required by the patient is available. The responsibility for the compensation of treatment costs is determined based on whether or not the treatment in question is emergency or non-emergency treatment.