Follow-up treatment of a patient

  1. What is the procedure for the after-care of surgery, for example, if a patient has been treated abroad?

After returning to Finland, the patient must contact his/her own health centre to make arrangements for follow-up treatment. Preliminary agreements on the follow-up treatment can also be made before seeking treatment abroad. In Finland, follow-up treatment is always provided in accordance with Finnish treatment practices.

The reciprocal recognition of prescriptions on the basis of the Patient Directive provides the opportunity to purchase medicines in Finland with a prescription issued in another EU or EEC country or Switzerland. The reimbursement requires that the medicinal product in question is licensed for sale in Finland.

  1. Who is responsible for the follow-up treatment and costs of any possible complications, when a person has been treated abroad?

Patients who have been treated abroad must be provided with the same medical follow-up services as if they had been treated in Finland. The follow-up treatment must be arranged and any possible complications treated according to the same principles as if the treatment had taken place in Finland.